Hello! I am a Postdoctoral Fellow for the Polarization Research Lab at Stanford University. I received my PhD in Political Science at UCLA. My research interests lie at the intersection of political behavior and institutions, with a focus on representation. I am specifically interested in how partisan identification and animosity structures behavior at the state and local levels of U.S. politics. My current research aims to determine the degree to which national-level politics influence state/local-level decisions and quantify the consequences of such nationalization. I utilize methods involving big data, machine learning, text-as-data, and survey experiments.

Most recently, I worked as a research analyst for the UCLA COVID-19 Health and Politics Project, a collaboration between social scientists and doctors measuring people’s pandemic experiences and attitudes. Our work was featured in the New York Times and published in Vaccine. Previously, I was the project coordinator on Nationscape, a U.S. election survey that interviewed almost half a million respondents through the 2020 Presidential campaign. Nationscape was funded by the Democracy Fund.

Outside academia, you can find me trail/mountain/long distance running (from nothing in particular) and thanklessly rooting for the Seattle Mariners.

Please contact me at dhollida AT stanford DOT edu